420 in a Pandemic : A Review

| by: Purspirit Cannabis Co.

The pandemic fatigue felt across the cannabis industry and patient culture across the state is extreme. For most of us: 420 in 2020 was farcical as it was not only the first legal "420 Holiday" in the state but the nation-wide lockdown measures had just been framed into place leaving panic and uncertainty in almost all of our minds. With these experiences in our thoughts, we as a dispensary sat down and metered our feelings and reactions to arriving at an all new 420 in 2021, and what exactly had changed in the year in between (for better and/or worse).

The main similarity we all noticed was: the weather. Cold, damp, a lil' dreary; April never fails to surprise! However the response from our patients to said weather was completely different in a positive way! Our dedicated patrons who braved the drizzle stayed in single-fil- line, wrapped fluidly around the building (and out of the parking) lot leading to a staggering low-wait-time of less than 30 minutes all. day. long. We finished out the day with incredibly high spirits (pun intended) and then a few of our staff banded together to make a video talking about all the changes to come (albeit a hilarious romp for adults only). Thank you all for honoring us and doing your best to make this 420 unlike anything we've ever known <3

Click here to watch the video!


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